*Last updated: July 30, 2012

  • Do you take any request?

Yes we do. If you have any, please submit them here.

  • Why didn’t you do my request?
We never ignore requests. The only time we ignore them is when we have already done it or if you did not follow our rules. 
  • Why do you translate all these lyrics yourselves when you can search them on YouTube or Google?
Most of the time, other translations are wrong. We would rather take the time to translate the songs ourselves and have the most accurate translations that we can come up with than take someone else’s. Also, if we did that, there would have to be more crediting for sources, and it would just cause a greater headache. Our translations are not always “basically exactly the same as other translations.” If you know Korean, and you read other translations, you will see a lot of mistakes. 
  • Why didn’t you reply back to my question?

We usually answer all questions that are not on our FAQ. If you asked us to recommend you any songs, we usually answer those a day later so each of the admins can recommend a song for you.

Also, click here to read other answered questions.

  • Did you know some of your links doesn’t work?

I’m aware of that. It could mean that those are the songs that we are currently working on. Which means, it’s still need to be translated, edited or some are even on queue.

  • Did you know if you search ____ by ____, another artist shows up instead? Can you please fix it?

I figured that would happen since there are lots of songs with the same name. And no, we’re not going to fix it since we just don’t have the time to do it. That is why we add a caption so it would help to differentiate between songs with the same name.

  • How long does it take for a song to be translated/edited/published?
It usually depends on the admins and how much free time we have. But it’s usually takes us a few weeks or maybe a month.
  • Can I be an admin?

Yes you can! If you’re interested in helping, please fill out this application form and send it to seoul_lyrics@yahoo.com

  • What program do you use to make your post?

Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 & Photoscape.

  • Where did you get your background for your post? Where can I get them?

Most of our backgrounds were made by our very own admins. But other than that & black and white backgrounds, we use these two the most: 1 2

  • Do you speak Korean?

Although 3 admins are beginners, we have 2 admins who are intermediate/fluent. They revise and edit any wrong translation.

  • Will you follow me back?

We can’t follow anyone back with this blog since this is an additional blog. However, we will still look at your blog and if we do we share the same interest, we might follow.

  • What theme are you using?

We’re using theme #16 by fukuo.

  • What does “SOTW” means?

Song of the Week. 

  • What does “FT” means?

Full Translation

  • What is playing in your music player?

Our playlist is set on shuffle but it’s playing:

  • BoA - Implode 
  • Block B - 100% Synchronization 
  • Brown Eyed Girls - 다가와서 (Come Closer) 
  • DBSK - Before U Go 
  • Epik High - Fallin’ feat. 조예진 of 루싸이트 토끼
  • Geeks - Just Go feat. Jo Hyunah of Urban Zakapa 
  • Giriboy - You Look So Good To Me feat. Swings
  • SHINee - Honesty 
  • Standing Egg - 내일은 잊을거야 feat. J.ae
  • Standing Egg - Little Star
  • Soul Dive - War Music
  • Tablo - Home feat. Lee Sora
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