Seoul Lyrics

Age: 19
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Filipino
Fave artist: Block B, Geeks, Primary, Dynamic Duo, The KOXX & more
Fave member: Zico
Message: HI ^____^

Age: 15
Country: USA
Ethnicity: South Korean
Favorite artist/group: Big Bang, Block B, Epik High, B.A.P. and more.
Fave member: Can’t choose. ><
Message: Hello! (:

Age: 15
Country: Finland
Ethnicity: Finnish
Favorite artist/group: Super Junior, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls, U-Kiss, EXO
Fave member: Choi Siwon
Message: Hi everyone!

Age: 17
Country: Canada
Ethnicity: Filipino
Favorite artist/group: SNSD, T-ara, B2ST, EXO
Fave member: Seohyun, Hyomin, Doojoon, Kris
Message: Thanks for following ^o^
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