Artist: Epik High
Title: Happy Birthday To Me (Feat. 하동균(Ha Dong Kyun))
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bukiyos: You're in my follow forever :U

Aww thank you very much!

- 3rd

gapi7: i love your blog !!

Thank you!!

- 3rd

yojenjen: When will your site be up? I really miss seeing those lyrics on my dash. I MISS YOU~!!!!

Hi, unfortunately we’re still in the middle of re-constructing so it’s hard to say (hopefully in january?) Keep waiting for us please :)

- 3rd

031226aktf: I want to follow you, but your blog is under construction. Love it <33

You can still follow us by clicking here! :)

- 3rd

chaaninaya: awwhh ,,i love this blog soww muchh then :)

Thank you! :)

- 3rd

amai-haru: I love this blog!!

We love you!!

- 5th

marouuuuuu: Thank you for your blog, it is so usefull and interesting, I guess you spend hours to do that, so thaaaanks :)

Thank you! It’s our pleasure to make edits and translate songs for all of you :)


Artist: 푸른새벽
Title: 낯선 시간 속으로
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shineeejongtae-deactivated20130: I'm sorry, but where would the S.M the Ballad songs be? Or have you not done them at this time?

It seems like we haven’t done any edits of their songs yet :/ But you can always leave a request and we will get to it as soon as we can.


Artist: Lucia (심규선)
Title: 연극이 끝나기 전에
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Psy - Gangnam Style
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Psy - Gangnam Style
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Psy - Gangnam Style
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